WOD Fri. Aug. 9

August 8th, 2013

This is to let you know that we will have another Honored Prairie delivery on Saturday, August 17th. The deadline to order for that delivery is this next Monday, August 12th.
If you’ve never ordered before, this is all you do: Place your order online with Honored Prairie (be sure to check out the entire website and see all the great things they offer!) and pick Carol Stream as your delivery location choice. (You will not pay for anything initially when you place your order online.) Then, you will pick up your order at FTX CrossFit. You’ll be sent instructions and directions again before the delivery. You will pay for your order at the pick-up, with CASH or CHECK.



WOD #1
Box Jump / Back Squat super-set (Transition from box jumps immediately to the back squat. Rest about 2 minutes between sets.)
10 Box Jumps –> 10 Back Squat @50%
10 Box Jumps –> 8 Back Squat @ 60%
10 Box Jumps –> 6 Back Squat @ 70%
10 Box Jumps –> 4 Back Squat @ 80%
10 Box Jumps –> 2 Back Squat @ 90%

5 Sets of Box Jumps 10 reps each –> Sets of 3-5 reps of Back Squats at moderate weight

WOD #2
Front Squat / Indian sit-up super-set (Transition from front squats immediately to the Indian sit-ups. Rest about 2 minutes between sets.)
10 Front Squat @50% –> 10 Indian Sit-ups
8 Front Squat @ 60% –> 10 Indian Sit-ups
6 Front Squat @ 70% –> 10 Indian Sit-ups
4 Front Squat @ 80% –> 10 Indian Sit-ups
2 Front Squat @ 90% –> 10 Indian Sit-ups

5 Sets of 3-5 reps of Front Squats at moderate weight –> 5 Sets of Indian Sit-ups 10 reps each

WOD #3
Green = Row at a slow to moderate pace for 10 minutes
Blue and Black = For time: 100m Weighted lunges DBs or KBs 30/20#, 45/30# (Get fully vertical between lunges, i.e. hips and knees fully extended/open. No forward movement unless you are actually lunging. Trailing knee should touch or get within 1″ of ground.
Do not do Blue/Black if you haven’t been consistently working out for the past 8 weeks. These are a lot of leg exercises and we don’t want any cases of Rhabdo.