WOD Mon. Jul. 22

July 21st, 2013


Welcome to the 2013 CrossFit Games!

In view of the fact that this week is the CrossFit Games we will be doing WODs from this year’s CrossFit Games culminating with a big celebration this next Saturday.

Next Saturday, we will be open from 8am-8pm!
We will be playing the CrossFit games live on multiple screens throughout our facility including a large screen in the main gym.
We will have three WODs programmed (Morning, Afternoon and PM).
We will have our own in-house competition. We will have opportunities for ALL levels.
We will have food!
The morning activities are part of our regular classes. After 12pm there will be a cost of $15 per adult and $10 per child under 10 years old. This to cover the catered FOOD and beverages. Please RSVP and pay for you and your family sometime this week prior to Saturday. Pay via check, CC or cash.
Food will be served from 1:30pm until 7:00pm.
You don’t need to be there the whole time. Come and go throughout the day as you want. Participate in as many or few of the WODs as you want.

WOD #1
We will begin the week with the quintessential CrossFit WOD!
For time:
Thursters 95/65# – 65#/35#

Rest 10 minutes

WOD #2
2013 Master’s Event #2
Push Drag Pull
(Modified to a tire pull versus a sled pull)
For time:
30 HSPU (or progression thereof)
Tire drag 200m
30 Pull-ups (or progression thereof)