WOD Thu. Jul. 4

July 3rd, 2013

We have expanded our obstacle course. The 2 new main attractions are the  14′ cargo net and “The Pit”. Come celebrate our nation’s birthday by running our new and improved obstacle course.

We will be open from 9am to 11am.
There is no specific class per se. Come any time between 9am and 11am. Warm-up and run the O Course. You’ll need about 30-45 minutes to get through the course. Plan on more time if you need to practice/learn some of the obstacles.

Obstacle Course Challenge

The course has two components – an indoor portion with an immediate transition to an outside portion:

Indoor portion:

  1. 10 Ground to Overhead of 3/4 Bodyweight. 10 Wallball instead at 20#/14#.
  2. 20 Burpees
  3. 30 Situps
  4. Traverse parallel bars (10 dips )
  5. Climb over 12′ Wall (5 wall hops)
  6. Go under 12′ Wall
  7. Cross Monkey Bars (15 Pull-ups)
  8. Climb 15′ Rope x2  (Ground to standing 5x)
    Outdoor portion:
  9. 200m run
  10. Climb Cargo Net (Up and Over) / Climb Cargo Net and just touch top bar / Climb 1/2 way
  11. 200m run w/ an object*
  12. Weaver obstacle (Basics skip this)
  13. 200m run
  14. High bar obstacle up and over / High bar obstacle just grab high bar
  15. 200m run w/ an object*
  16. Body hurdles obstacle
  17. 200m run
  18. The Pit obstacle (Go up one side and slide back down)
  19. 200m run w/ an object*
  20. Tube Obstacle
  21. 200m run
  22. Tire flip 20x
  23. 200m run w/ an object*
  24. Balance beam obstacle
  25. 200m run
  26. Sled Drag 100m w/ 90lbs men and 60lbs women
  27. 1000m run (2 laps around church)

* Every other 200m run is done while carrying one of the following objects. Carry each one once in any order you choose.

  1. 60#/40# Bag / 40#/20# Bag
  2. Tire
  3. 45#/30#  DBs/ 35#/20# KBs
  4. Wood Palette / Chair