WOD Mon. Jul. 1

June 30th, 2013

Note: No Kids classes scheduled this week due to the 4th of July holiday. They resume next week.

This is to let you know that we will have another Honored Prairie delivery on Saturday, July 13th. The deadline to order for that delivery would be Monday, July 8th.

If you’ve never ordered before, this is all you do:

Place your order online with Honored Prairie (be sure to check out the entire website and see all the great things they offer!) and pick Carol Stream as your delivery location choice. (You will not pay for anything initially when you place your order online.) Then, you will pick up your order at FTX CrossFit. You’ll be sent instructions and directions again before the delivery. You will pay for your order at the pick-up, with CASH or CHECK.

There are some NEW items on the Honored Prairie website! There are some fermented products, like Sour Kraut, Kim Chi, and Kombucha drinks, which are extraordinarily HEALTHY. (Anyone ever read Nourishing Traditions?). Also, Halibut is a new offering. There are a few other things…check them out! Plus, EGGS are back and are a great price!


WOD #1
Back Squat – 2 x 10 @ 40-50% to warm-up, 1 x 8 @ 70%, 1 x 5 @ 80% then rest 2:00 minutes and
1 x 20 @ 60% for time
Back Squat – Work on form, warm-up and do 3 sets of 5-8 reps with light to moderate weight.

WOD #2
AMRAP 20:00
Run 100 yds
15 KBS – 70/55 – 55/35 – 35/20
60 yds of lunges