WOD Thu. Jun. 20

June 19th, 2013

WOD #1
Hang-squat clean
Difficulty: 25-50% of BW, 51-100% of BW, 101-150% of BW, 151%+ of BW 
Do a light enough weight so that you can actually catch the weight in the rack position at the bottom of the squat. The priority is proper mechanics versus going heavy. Understand what it really means to catch the weight in the rack position. In the rack position, the weight is resting on the shoulders and only balanced by the hands.
Intro level – Work on learning the hang-squat clean.

WOD #2
For time complete 5 rounds of:
400m Run (4 laps in back)
Do one of the following after each 400m run. Do each one once.

  • Body Hurdles
  • 15′ Rope Climb
  • Weaver
  • Monkey Bars
  • 12′ Wall Climb (Up and over)

20 KBS 55#/35# 35#/20#
20 Box Jumps 24″/20″
Time cap of 20 minutes.