WOD Sat. May 18

May 17th, 2013

Team WOD
All Levels
Warm-up and familiarize yourself with the exercises/obstacles involved in today’s WOD
Teams of 3-4 persons “flight crew”
“Flight School”
Once the WOD begins, teams must keep their “plane” in flight at all times. Teams must also ensure that their “planes” have the required “passengers” on their “planes” at all times during the flight.
“Planes” are palettes, which must be kept overhead at all times.
“Passengers” consist of the following – 10 lb. plate and 40 lb. bag
For time fly “planes” with “passengers” for 2,000 meters while performing the following tasks. One task must be performed per 400m flown. Tasks may be done in any order (only one per 400m flown) and by any number of the “flight crew” as long as “plane” remains in flight.

Rope Climb 15ft (Sub – Ground to standing 3x) – 2 ascents x # of “flight crew”
Box Jumps 20″ – 20 x # of “flight crew”
Dive-bomber Push-ups – 10x # of “flight crew”
Hurdles – 2x # of “flight crew”
BOMB Throws – 20x # of “flight crew”

Should a “plane” have to land, then all “flight crew” must stop everything else they are doing. In order to restart the “plane’s” engines each member of the “flight crew” has to perform 50 jumping jacks.

Should one of the “passengers” fall off the “plane”, then the “plane” must land, “passengers” must be loaded back on the “plane”, each “flight crew” as a penalty must perform 10 burpees, and then perform 50 jumping jacks to re-start the “plane’s” engines.

Should a “plane” crash, then the “plane” has to be re-set, re-loaded with “passengers”, each “flight crew” will have to perform a penalty of 25 burpees, and then perform 50 jumping jacks to re-start the “plane’s” engines.


Unlimited Only Class

“A long flight”
For time:
Run 1 mile
6x – Rope Climb 15′
Run 400m  w/ palette OH
60 Box Jumps 24″/20″
Run 400m  w/ palette OH
60 Dive-bomber Push-ups
Run 400m  w/ palette OH
6x – Hurdles
Run 400m  w/ palette OH
60 BOMB Throws 20# Ball
Run 1 mile