WOD Thu. Apr. 11

April 10th, 2013

Feet as a Switch

Thrusters, Squat on the heels, same taut principles as the ordinary weighted squat, then stand and drive the hips into the press by quickly, though momentarily shifting weight to the toes. Drop back into squat on the heels. Tight feet are needed for balance in the counter of the forward pull of the weight.

Wall Balls, same as Thrusters but with the release.

Jerk, toes should be straight ahead, feet at shoulder width. Often this is not the case in the clean and jerk when the feet are not reset properly.


Spend no more than 5 minutes on each of these.

  • Thruster, 7-5-3
  • BB Back Lunges, M =45/75/95# / W= 15/45/75# 10x each (Get through this as quickly as possible. Several people can share bars and stagger going through the 3 weight sequence. You’ll be alternating, which means each side will be done 5x for each weight.)
  • Wide stance Squat, 7-5-3

Basics – Do each of the above movements with light weight and focus on proper mechanics.


Use one weight/bar for this WOD
Lvl 2 115#/75# –  Lvl 1 95#/65# – Basics 65#/35#
(These are just suggested weights. You need to scale/adapt for your ability. The weight should be around 70-80% of your 1RM. Less if you are a beginner or have poor mechanics.)

6 Rounds for time:

  • 6 Thruster
  • 6 Wide Stance Back Squat
  • 6 BB Back Lunge