WOD Wed. Apr. 10

April 9th, 2013

Continuing our discussion on the importance of your feet in the proper mechanics of any motion/exercise.

Feet to control Bodyweight

Dips, control the swing on a weighted dip. Coordinate the swing in a kipping motion. A soft lower body means a swinging core.

Butterfly Pull-ups, This pull-up gets sloppy very quickly and a tightly controlled foot and ankle helps tighten the swinging kick that thrusts the body upward. Bring feet together, toes pointed and kick through the movement.

Box Jumps, – The first jump shares the rocker mechanics of an oly lift. The push, the landing/push-off, the recoil. Proper footwork saves the ankle/knee/hip from excessive shock while properly using recoil to spring back onto the box. Not using good foot work on box jumps means severe shock and impact to the ankles knees and hips on landings.

Forefoot Strike Running, the most efficient and safest way to run. It requires a focused attempt to retrain years of bad running movements.  The forearms parallel-forward lean-high heel backswing allows the runner to place the front of the foot to the ground first which allows the network of small bones and tendons to absorb the shock of each impact and spring back off the ground with each step.

Push-ups, done with the feet in a plantar flexion hold tightens the lower legs and creates a better plank throughout the body.


  • Butterfly pull-up max unbroken set – 2x w/ 1:00 rest in between
    (If you can’t do the Butterfly pull-up, then practice/work on progression for it for 3:00)
  • Max set of kipping ring dips – 2x w/ 1:00 rest in between
    (If you can’t do the kipping ring dips, then practice/work on it on parallel bars and with bands if necessary for 3:00)
  • Mechanics of Box Jump, 5:00

5 Rounds for time:
Level 1/2
(If you aren’t 100% sure that you can do all the exercises in the 1st round unbroken, do basics instead. We want you to work on doing this quickly.)

  • 10 Pull-ups   (This should be the butterfly style if at all possible)
  • 10 Ring Dips or Parallel Bar Dips (Use the kip)
  • 10 Box jumps, 24″/20″ (Be as efficient as possible)


  • 20 Jumping pull-ups (Bar should be 6″ above head)
  • 20 Seated Dips
  • 10 Box Jumps, 20″/16″ (Be as efficient as possible)