WOD Tue. Apr. 9

April 8th, 2013

There are 3 essential components to fitness

  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Rest

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Continuing on our discussion about the importance of your feet in the mechanics of any given movement/exercise.

Feet as a Rocker

Snatch, starts like the D/L, tight, trying to push the floor away beneath the feet. This is not only better for muscle control but balance which enables the lifter to get up higher on the toes at the beginning of the scoop. Jumping into a wider stance should not be done at the expense of extending the hips and getting up on the toes. Most athletes try to pull to early too early and stay flat footed with a flexed hip.

Clean, same as the snatch.

Split– whether on a jerk or a clean or a snatch, catching in a split requires tremendous speed and timing. The feet need to hit simultaneous and on their marks. Positioning is crucial as the weight gets heavy.

Snatch, build to 1RM (Basics – Work on mechanics w/ light weight)

All levels
5 rounds for time
One weight @ 75% of snatch 1RM (Basics – Use a very light weight)
5 Snatches
15 T2B (If you can’t lift legs up past parallel to ground, do leg-lifts instead)