WOD Mon. Apr. 8

April 7th, 2013

The Open is over. OK. Well now get to work!

In any functional movement, the mechanics of the movement needs to be safe and effective. The feet play a critical role in successful mechanics. This week we will be studying this for various movements/exercises.

Feet as an anchor

Squats, keep the whole body taut once the weight is off the rack. Any relaxation while under the weight is much harder to retighten. A slight toe angle, feet about shoulder width and claw the toes to start tightening from the feet up. (If people are swaying on their squat path, then their body is passive.)

Shoulder Press, Try to grip the floor with the toes, tighten everything in the legs up through the core and torso.

Bench press, anchor the body starting with the feet then pressing oneself into the bench.

Deadlift, with the feet at shoulder width or narrower, the athlete needs to tighten everything from the feet up and then try to push the ground away underfoot, uprighting themselves naturally through the correct path.

Sumo D/L & wide stance Squats, must be done with feet facing straight ahead, the weight being pressed to the outsides of the feet.

Lunges, need feet facing straight forward, held taut in the move and slammed firmly into the next step so as not to waiver on the landing. (a stumbling lunge means a soft step)

Now, let’s put this in practice.

Level 1/2
Back Squat, 7-5-3+
Deadlift, 7-5-3+
Shoulder Press, 7-5-3+


Work on these movements w/ light to medium weight. Focus more on proper mechanics versus trying to go heavy.
Back squat, deadlift, shoulder press and bench press

All levels
One weight @ 90% of shoulder press 1RM
(Basics go really light and work on doing proper mechanics quickly at very light weight.)
4 Rounds for time:
1 Clean + Strict Shoulder Press (from the floor)
5 Back Squat
10 Deadlift