WOD Sat. Feb. 16

February 15th, 2013

The CrossFit Open starts on March 6th!
5 Weeks / 5 Workouts
Sign-up today to do the Open. Let’s have great participation from our affiliate. You can do the Open regardless of your fitness or skill level. This will be a great way to further challenge and test yourself. This will be a lot of fun and you don’t want to miss it.

Click here to sign-up. It costs $20.

Team WOD
All Levels
Teams of 3-5 persons
Teams will perform six 2 minute challenges with 2 minutes of rest between challenges. At the beginning of each challenge teams must perform 10 burpees per team member before starting on the challenge. Team members don’t have to each do the same amount of burpees. All team members contribute as they are able to the required total. Each team will rotate through the challenges with no two teams doing the same challenge at the same time.


  1. Double-unders or singles – Individuals must stick to either double-unders or singles for the entire challenge. Each double-under is worth 1 point. 5 singles are worth 1 point.
  2. Row – Each calorie is 1 point.
  3. Ring row/Pull-up/Muscle-up – Individuals must stick to one variant of ring rows, pull-ups or muscle-ups for the entire challenge. 30 ring rows = 1 point. 10 pull-ups = 1 point. 1 muscle-up (bar or ring) = 1 point.
  4. Wall hops/Ground to standing on rope/Rope climb (12′ wall or 15′) – Individuals must stick to one of the variants of the rope for the entire challenge. 30 wall hops = 1 point. 10 ground to standing = 1 point. 2 12′ wall climbs = 1 point. 1 15′ rope climb = 1 point.
  5. Air squat or single-leg squats – Individuals must stick to one variant for the entire challenge – either the air squat or the single-leg squat. 5 air squats = 1 point. 1 single-leg squat = 1 point.
  6. Wheelbarrow or bear crawl – Individuals must stick to one variant for the entire challenge. The wheelbarrow variant obviously requires the commitment of 2 team members. Every 10m of wheelbarrow is worth 5 points. Every 10m of bear crawl is worth 1 point.

Remember each team must complete 10 burpees x # of team members as a buy-in before starting on each challenge. Score is the total number of points earned by each team divided by the number of team members.


CrossFit Open Prep
This is for our unlimited members who can do Fran as rx’d in under 10 minutes.

WOD #1
7:00 AMRAP

  • 5 C+J, 155/115#
  • 10 Over-box Jumps, 24/20″

WOD #2
For Time:
“1/2 Karen”
75 Wall Balls

WOD #3
EMOTM Death-by Combo Rep:
Indian Sit-up + Burpee + Pull-up

1 combo rep in the first minute
2 combo reps in the second minute
3 combo reps in the third minute…etc.