WOD Thu. Jan. 10

January 9th, 2013

Specialty Course @ 5:30pm and 6:30pm is SMR Lower Body

Basics Skillwork: Bench Press
Strength: Bench Press 1×12 @ 50%, 1×8 @ 60%, 3-3-3+
Endurance: Row 1k

Level 1/2
5,000 lbs. for time

Perform ANY variation of Ground to Overhead movements:

(i.e. Any variation of the Snatch or any variation of the Clean & Jerk)

Pick whatever weight you want to perform the WOD at, as long as your technique is safe. Do the math and figure out how many reps at your weight you must do to hit or exceed 5,000# to be moved from ground to overhead.

Examples: 95# Barbell x 53 reps = 5,035#, 115# Barbell x 44 = 5,060, 135# Barbell x 38 = 5,130

ALSO: You must do 5 burpees after every 10th rep. If you end on a tenth rep, you don’t have to do another set of burpees.
TIP: Go lighter than you might initially think you can do. You’ll go much faster. 1 rep @ 135# takes a lot more effort vs. 1 rep @ 95#. Power snatches are much faster than C&J. The Burpee rule balances this out a bit, so think it through carefully.

**If you change your weight during the WOD you are modified. You are allowed to switch between Snatch and C&J.

2,500 lbs. for time

Do B.O.M.B. Throws or Wall Balls up to 2,500 pounds moved with the same rules as Levels 1+2, except you are doing Wall Balls or BOMB Throws.
Do 3 burpees every tenth rep. If you end on a tenth rep, then another set of burpees is not necessary.

Example: 20# Medicine Ball x 120 reps of any combination of Wall Balls or BOMB Throws = 2,500# thrown.