WOD Sat. Dec. 29

December 28th, 2012

Free introductory class at 10am.
No RSVP necessary. You can just show up.
Please come about 10 minutes early to fill out paperwork.



All Classes today will do the following (except the free intro):

All Levels

Decathlon #2

  1. Max. Squat Clean & Jerk (3 Attempts)
  2. T-agility Test (2 Attempts)
  3. 1RM Weighted Pull-up
  4. Rope Climbs in 1:00
  5. 800m Run

Rest 3:00

  1. MB Shot Put, 14/10# (3 Attempts)
  2. 500m Row

Rest 3:00

  1. Soccer Ball Throw-in for distance (3 Attempts)
  2. Octo-Agility Hop, both directions (2 attempts)
  3. “Grace”

Point System:

Score = # of participants – your ranking + 1 (Example: If there are 20 participants the 1st place finisher gets 20 points, 2nd place gets 19 points, 3rd place gets 18 points and so on…)

1st Place= # of participants – 1 + 1
2nd Place= # of participants -2 + 1
3rd Place= # of participants -3 + 1

All Scores must be in before ranking/scoring begins. It will not be done until the Wednesday after the Decathlon.

*The most important thing is tracking one’s own progress. The main goal is for you to improve by the next decathlon.


Each event will be done in the written order with minimal rest time to get ready for the next event. Athletes are allowed multiple attempts on some exercises, although only a limited number of attempts are allowed on the Squat Clean & Jerk, T-agility test, MB Shot Put, Soccer ball throw-in and the octo-agility hop test.

* The weighted pull-ups must start strict from a dead hang, but a kipp to get the chin above the bar is permitted. Chin must go up and over bar to count.

* On the rope climb athletes come off the rope after each ascent. Only count full ascents where you touch the metal joist. You are not allowed to jump from the floor to a high hang on the rope. Also, you may not jump off the rope. You must lower yourself in a controlled manner until both feet touch the ground.

* Soccer Ball Throw-in is just like a regulation soccer throw-in where the back foot must stay in contact with the ground until the ball is released and both hands are used to throw in the ball.

– Half of the events are counted/measured by each individual athlete on the Honor System.

–  A trainer will time the T-agility drill, the 800m run, the 500m row, and the octo-hop. A trainer will mark the soccer throw-in and shot put. A trainer will judge the weighted pull-ups and make sure the chin gets up and over the bar.

– The main clock will be constantly running for athletes to check themselves on their 1:00 rope climb as well as for the final event For Time. The final event has a drop dead time of 10:00. If you do not finish in 10:00, you will record the # reps completed within those 10:00.

– Some more detailed instructions on how to keep things moving smoothly will be given on site.