WOD Mon. Dec. 3

December 2nd, 2012

Basics skillwork: Wall Ball, KBS, Push-Press, SDHP w/ KB, K2E.
Level 1/2: Warm-up for this workout. We will stagger athletes by 1:00min.

“Kitchen Sink”

For time:
20 reps of each exercise
Drop Dead time for this WOD is 45 minutes (Basics 30 minutes)
Wall ball shots, 20#/14#
Box jump, 24″ / 20″
135/95 pound Clean (Basics skip this)
Double-unders or 100 singles
Thrusters, 35/25 pound dumbbells (Basics skip this)
Pull-ups (If needed you can use bands or do ring pull-ups)
95/65 pound Overhead squat (Basics skip this)
Kettlebell swings, 55#/35#
95/65 pound Push press
Dips on Parallel Bars
95/65 pound Sumo deadlift high pull (Basics do 45# or 35# KB)
135/95 pound Back squat (Basics do air squats)
GHD sit-ups (Basics skip this)
Walking lunge steps
135/95 pound Deadlift (Basics skip this)
Knees to elbows
135/95 pound Front squat (Basics do airĀ  squats)