WOD Sat. Nov. 3

November 2nd, 2012

We will have a free introductory class at 10am. No RSVP necessary. Just wear comfortable workout clothes and bring water to drink. We’ll take care of the rest. Come about 5 minutes early to fill out some paperwork.


Individual WOD
8am and 11am Classes
Level 2
AMRAP 20 Minutes

5 Parallette HSPU*
10 Toes through Rings
15 KBS 55#/35#
*Use hex dumbbells placed on 45# plates in lieu of parallettes.

Level 1/Basics
AMRAP 20 Minutes

10 Toes to Bar
15 KBS 55#/35#

Team WOD
9am and 10am Classes
All levels
Teams of 2-4 Persons
One member will perform a challenge while the remaining members complete the exercises and reps listed. Each team will do a different challenge, i.e. no team should be doing the same challenge at the same time.
Challenge 1 – Hold overhead 33% of BW overhead + 10 lbs per team member.
Exercise 1 – Team must complete 100 push-ups per team member.
* Other team members can assist their team mate doing the challenge. If the weight is lowered from overhead, then the whole team must rest 1:00.

Challenge 2 – Hang from a bar
Exercise 2 – Team must complete 75 pull-ups per team member.
* Other team members can prop up team mate doing the challenge. If the person doing the challenge comes of the bar, then the whole team must rest 45 sec.

Challenge 3 – Traverse climbing wall. Must keep moving laterally the whole time. No staying in one spot for more than 10 sec.
Exercise 3 – Team must complete 50 ten yard shuttle runs per team member.
* If the person traversing the climbing wall falls off, then the whole team must stop and rest 30 sec.

Challenge 4 – Perform 25 double-unders.
Exercise 3 РEvery time the person performs the challenge a team member may start doing sit-ups. They may do up to 25 situps at a time. 100 situps must be completed per team member. Each team must rotate through their team members in sequence.