WOD Sat. Oct. 20

October 19th, 2012

We will have a free introductory class at 10am. No RSVP necessary. Just come a few minutes early to fill out some paperwork.


Decathlon #3
All Levels
[We will be conducting the Decathlon throughout the morning with the first heat starting at 8:30am and the last one starting at 11:30am. Come about 30 minutes prior to the heat in which you want to participate in order to properly warm-up.]

1. L & R Turkish Get-up (3 Attempts each arm)
2. Illinois Agility Test (2 attempts)
3. Handstand Walk (3 Attempts)
4. 1:00 of Chest Throws @ target from 9′, 10/8#
5. Indian Sit-ups for 1:00

Rest 2:00

6. Muscle-Ups for 1:00
7. Shuttle Run Blocks 5-10-15-20-25 yards

Rest 2:00

8. Vertical Jump (3 Attempts)
9. 4 – Zone maximum baskets in 30 seconds
10. “Little Linda” 7-6-5-4-3-2-1

Point System:
Score per event = # of participants minus your rank minus 1. Total score will consist of the sum of all your event scores.
(Example: If there are 20 participants the 1st place finisher gets 20 points, 2nd place gets 19 points, 3rd place gets 18 points and so on…)

1st Place = # of participants
2nd Place = # of participants minus 1
3rd Place = # of participants minus 2

All Scores must be in before ranking/scoring begins. It will not be done until the Wednesday after the event to give other FTXers a chance to compete. 

The most important thing is tracking one’s own progress.
If you improve by the next decathlon your doing right.

Each event will be done in the written order with minimal rest time to get ready for the next event. Athletes are allowed multiple attempts on most events. The following events have a restricted number of attempts: Turkish get-up, IL agility test, Handstand Walk, and the Vertical Jump.

– Half of the events are counted/measured/paced by each individual athlete on the Honor System.
–  A trainer will time the IL agility tests and the Shuttle runs. Also, a trainer will measure the Vertical Jumps and the Handstand Walks and count points for the Basketball shoot.
– Some more detailed instructions on how to keep things moving smoothly will be given on site.

* Turkish Get-ups may be done with BB, DB or KB and no extra credit is given to any of the modes. Score will be the combined total of the best right arm and left arm lift. The athlete will reach an erect position with their arm held high and return to a back flat position with the arm perpendicular to the floor.

* The handstand walk is measured from where the athlete’s hands begin once under the full weight of their body and where the leading hand last sets while the body remains upright. HSPU will be the modified movement for this event.

* The yellow FTX logos must be hit by the MB during the chest throws and some part of the athlete’s foot must remain on the 9′ line during and throw to be counted.

* Only Indian Sit-ups without using hands to stand up will be RX. Also, the rep must finish with a full hip extension in the standing position.

* Hierarchy for the 6th event will go Ring M/U, Bar M/U , C2B P/U then P/U. For example, doing juse one Ring M/U ranks higher than if you manage ten Bar M/U. Ten Bar M/U ranks higher than 30 P/U.

* All Blocks must be standing to count the Shuttle Run time. Second attempts will be given after a short rest for those who fail on the blocks.

* Dribbling is not required for the Basketball shoot, but no two shots may be taken consecutively from the same scoring zone.

* There is a 10:00 drop dead time on Little Linda. Those who can not do the appropriate BW% on all three lifts will do 45# on the Clean, 65# on the Bench press and 95# on the Deadlift.