WOD Fri. Jul. 13

July 12th, 2012

Basics Skillwork: PVC Snatch Progression
Level 1/2: Practice Power Snatches to establish weight for WOD

WOD Level 1/2 [Power + Stamina]
Every Minute On The Minute

3 Power Snatches @ 75% of 1RM, then do as many Burpees as possible for the remainder of the minute. As soon as the new minute/round starts 3 Power Snatches must be completed again before Burpees can be continued.

Done when 50 burpees have been completed. (Level 2 – Complete 75 burpees)

Short Rest, Then:

Death by Sprints

Starting with a 60 yard sprint on the first minute, add 10 more yards every minute.

(i.e. 60 yards on the second minute, 70 yards on the third minute…150 yards on the tenth minute)

You are done when you can’t complete the required distance within the minute.


Same WOD but perform 6 Wall Balls instead of the 3 Snatches. (If you’ve been doing CF for less than 2 weeks, then limit to 30 burpees.)