WOD Tue. Jun. 12

June 11th, 2012

Basics Skillwork: Press, Push press, and Jerk
Level 1/2: After WOD – Level 2 do 150 Sit-ups while hugging a medicine ball, Level 1 do 100 Sit-ups while hugging a med. ball.

For time:

Level 2
Run 1000m
     (Repeat Farmer carry and Push press 3x)
     100m Farmer carry – M135 lb./W75 lbs. barbell each hand
     20x Push press – M135 lbs./W75 lbs. (Bar starts on ground)
Run 1000m
(Push press and Farmer carry (one) wt. need to be the same.

Level 1
Run 1000m
     (Repeat Farmer carry and Push press 3x)
     100m Farmer carry – M-45 lb./W-30 lb. dumbell in one hand / M-55 lb./w-35 lb. kettlebell in other. (Alternate as needed).
     20x Push press – M115 lbs./W55 lbs. (Bar starts on ground)
Run 1000m

Run 1000m
     (Repeat bag carry and push-ups 3x)
100m Bag carry M-60#/W-40#

     30 Push-ups
Run 1000m