WOD Sat. Jun. 2

June 1st, 2012

We’re growing and expanding. We’ve significantly expanded our schedule. Please see our schedule for all the new classes we’ve added!

Free introductory class at 10am.


We got in some new Medicine Balls! So, in light of that…

Team WOD classes

Skillwork (All levels): Instruction and practice for today’s Team WOD. Partners select their “baby” – rx is 20#.

Team WOD (All levels)
“Don’t drop the baby!”

WOD (5 Rounds for time)
4 x 100m Partner relays
10 Partner Med Ball 2 fer 1’s
40 Partner Pull-ups
(At any point in time if the medicine ball is dropped, then both partners have to do 5 burpees before one can pick up the medicine ball. No other work, except the burpees, can be done while a medicine ball is on the ground.)

4 x 100m Partner Relays
a. Run 100m carrying medicine while partner rests
b. Hand-off medicine ball to partner
c. Rest while partner runs 100m with medicine ball
d. Repeat for a total of 400m run between you and partner

Partner Med Ball 2 fer 1’s
(Stand 4’ apart)
a. Squat with the Medicine Ball
b. Throw it to your partner
c. Do another squat
d. Catch the Ball from your partner
e. Repeat 10 times

Partner Pull-ups
(Share the same pull-up bar)
a. Partition a total of 40 pull-ups between you and your partner.
b. Only one is doing pull-ups at any given point in time.
c. The partner standing is holding the medicine ball.


Individual WOD (All levels)
150 Wallballs for time