WOD Tue. May 29

May 28th, 2012

Basics Skillwork: SDHP & OHS
Level 1/2 Strength: Bench Press = 1 x 15 @ 40-50% / 1 x 8 @ 50-60% / 3-3-3+ / 1 x 15 @ 4-050%
Level 1/2 Endurance = Run 200m @ casual pace / Run 1 mile for time

Level 1/2
AMRAP 15 minutes
     10 Burpees
     10 SDHP 95 lbs. / 65 lbs.
     10 Overhead Squat 95 lbs. / 65 lbs.

AMRAP 15 minutes
     10 Burpees
     10 Medicine Ball Squat Cleans
     10 Wallballs

NOTE: Our Honored Prairie delivery this month will be on Friday, June 15th. Last day to order will be Monday, June 11th.


We are adding new class times as of June 1st. Please review the new class schedule.
With the new schedule and our getting busier we will need to be more formal as to our classes.
We ask that you arrive on time for each class. We will be doing group warm-ups from now on versus doing them on your own.
If you arrive early for a class we ask that you stay out of the main gym area until your class time. If you want to start doing an additional warm-up on your own, then we ask that you do so in our lounge/entry area.

Law of Burpees: 5 minute grace period, after that for every minute your late = 10 burpees. For this week and next we’ll just give warnings, but then…