WOD Sat. May 5

May 4th, 2012

Free intro class at 10:00 for anyone that is interested in CrossFit
Basics Skillwork: Climb 1/2 way up 12′ Wall
Level 1/2: Run mini O’Course (Traverse parallel dip bars, climb 12′ wall, go under 12′ wall, cross monkey bars, and climb 15′ rope)

Team WOD All Levels
“Hang Time”

While one partner hangs on a pull-up bar the other partner performs exercises listed below (Feet should be at least 3″ off ground). If the partner hanging on the bar comes off then the other partner stops. Each partner must do all of the following exercises. Partners only switch positions once one exercise is completed. In total they will switch positions 4x.

50 Wall-balls – Men 20# / Women 14#
50 Box Jumps – Men 24″ / Women 20″
50 Hand-release pushups
50 Push-press – Men 45# / Women 30#