WOD Sat. Feb. 18

February 17th, 2012

Team WOD All Levels:

Start on an end line of a 15 yard straight away with 1 bag per pair at 80# for men and 50# for women and 1 Dynamex Ball per pair at 20# men and 14# women, do:

20 Total, Bear-hug carries down and back
100 Total, Bag Cleans
100 Total, MB Side Throws
100 Total, Wall Balls (push ball at slight angle so that it comes down to your partner standing to your side.)

Individual WOD All Levels:

Work on a skill of your choice.
Make up any WOD you missed this week.

The CrossFit Open Starts this next week. We will post the WOD on Wednesday night at 8pm. Sign up here. See our events section for more information.