2017 CrossFit Open

February 12th, 2017


This year we have a lot of fun stuff planned for the Open.

  • The Open itself – Start Feb. 23 and goes through Mar. 27. There are 5 weeks. On Thursday at 7pm of each week the weekly WOD is announced. You’ll have until the following Monday at 7pm to complete the workout. Cost is only $20. Register here.
  • Thursday Night Announcements – CrossFit announces the workouts each Thursday at 7pm CT via a live webcast. Following the live webcast, we will have our very own line-ups on each Thursday.
    • 17.1 – The Guys
    • 17.2 – The Gals
    • 17.3 – The Rookies
    • 17.4 – Masters
    • 17.5 – Special
  • FTX CrossFit Open Partner Intramural – Find a partner in your same division, i.e. sex/age. We will have a variety of prizes throughout the Open for the Intramural.
  • Partner Open Bingo – With a partner grab one of our FTX Open Bingo cards and try to get a bingo. Once you have a bingo, submit your card for a raffle at our FTX Open Party!
  • Sunday Judging Sessions – During the Open we will be Open on Sunday afternoons (specific times TBD) for those that want to do the Open WOD on that day.
  • CrossFit Games Tickets – Each affiliate with 12+ participants in the Open will get to buy some advance Games tickets. We will make our lot/share available to those FTX members that want to go to the Games this year in Madison, WI. We will give first dibs to those that participated in the Open.
  • FTX CrossFit Open Party – Our annual party to celebrate the end of the CrossFit Open. Saturday, April 8th 5pm – 7pm at FTX, and then we’ll be heading over to Wheaton Bowl until ??.

Anyone can do the Open. There are multiple divisions by age for both men and women. You also have the option to do scaled version. (Note: If you do a workout one time as Rx, then you can still do it Scaled on another one and vice-versa.)

At FTX CrossFit we have seen many people get their 1st ____, get PRs and overall improve throughout the Open. Think of it as a great 5 week challenge that will motivate you and be lots of fun!

Register here for the 2017 CrossFit Open!